What are our capabilities?

What is our approach?

PLRC is a full-service civil engineering and resource consulting firm in Asheville, North Carolina. Our firm provides civil engineering, land planning, geophysical (ground penetrating radar) and construction management services to federal, state, municipal, and private entities throughout the southeastern United States. Our continual success is due to our strong design skills, awareness of environmental settings, thorough knowledge of construction issues and commitment to consensus building.

We have broad capabilities and experience in providing site design & site development, land use consulting and land planning, hydrology, roadway design, project management, water and wastewater system design, construction observation, boundary & topographic surveys, ALTA surveys, construction layout, and subsurface investigation.

PLRC has been established on the principle that the best solution is the one that most fully incorporates the client’s specific needs. We are proud of our ability to creatively apply the appropriate level of technology in a responsive and timely manner. Our reputation with our past clients for providing superior technical solutions is our most valued asset and the foundation upon which our practice is built.

Who are we?

We have a progressive approach to design. We develop the design through a process that has flexibility for elaboration and modification, as well as incorporation of owner and stakeholder input. We understand that different clients and situations require different solutions. Our objective in not to "sell a solution" but to identify an approach that applies our vision and experience to your needs and goals.

Providing engineering, surveying, construction management and geophysical services allows our firm to respond to the expanding needs of our clients in a timely, dependable, and cost effective manner, thus, eliminating the lag-time in data sharing and/or compatiblity issues encountered when dealing with multiple firms. Our thorough knowledge of construction and long-term implications allows us to provide our clients with designs, which will stand the test of time.